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Classic Mega Man 9 advert


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Also: I read an interview with the producer and, at the very least, he strikes me as someone with a well groomed beard. Possibly in the market for a beret.

The theme of love and loss was one we wanted to explore, but in a unique way – not just as a story but also through gameplay; a game where the penalty for failure is not artificially enforced by an arbitrary mechanic but rather self imposed by the player; a radical departure in the artistic direction with a much more 'storybook' feel

Our gamble was that the experience of the game would be undeniable to the hardcore. We knew they would find it 'easy' but counted on them getting caught up in the scenery, the story, the poetry of movement -- the 'magic' of it all -- and draw their sense of accomplishment and joy from that rather then the more typical fail-die-frustration-fail-die-frustration-succeed-joy loop.

One thing I'm really interested to dig deeper into, though, is the completion rate on PoP. I consider myself a hardcore gamer (or perhaps a 'lapsed' hardcore is a better description since the birth of my daughter 6 months ago) and it is pretty rare that I finish a game -- even one I love. If I come up against a particularly difficult area --- one that frustrates more then entertains me -- I'm likely to shelf a game for a while thinking I'll take a break and get back to it (of course, I rarely do).

Hm... Well, I've been too busy with Persona 4 and BlazBlue to crack this open yet myself, but I've heard a lot of people say they didn't like this feature. I mainly fraternise with gamers, however.

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