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Off Limits media release / playtesters!

Wesley Tack

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It's been a long time since we've release some info publicly. The main reason we do it now is to get some extra people to help us playtest.

Thanks in advance!


Here is a quote of our media post:

A lot has happened with Off Limits since our last public media release dated September 2007, too much to go into a lot of detail, so I'll summarize as short as possible:

- We ditched the alien game play about a year ago and took the fun stuff

we had and built a new game play out of it.

- Now the game is about two teams, who both have a Juggernaut as their main guy, he is linked to the spawn points that are located in the levels. When he gets killed during a match that team loses a spawn point giving the chance of the opposite team to capture that point. By doing this we created a moving battlefield that goes across an entire level. When there are no spawn left you lose. A more detailed description of the game play and all it's features will be announced at a later date.

- Tim Appleby was kind enough to donate one of his character models for our Juggernaut (he's the big guy with the minigun and the skeleton vision). So, big thanks to Tim!

- We also have a new level that doesn't feature vehicles, a nice change from the other Off Limits levels. It's been the main level we have used to playtest the past 3 months, and it's a really fun close combat level. So I'd

like to thank Robert Briscoe for donating his level to us!

- As I said above, we are playtesting the shit out of this at the moment, and the development has been going forward by huge amounts and we are getting to the point where things are getting more and more balanced and it's become very immersive and fun to play. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the long dark tunnel!

- We will have four levels upon release: ol_styx, ol_russia, ol_downfall, ol_undersiege

The main reason we are doing a public media release is because we need some more dedicated playtesters who can play mostly on Sunday evenings 8pm GMT+1 (western europe), so if you want to help us out with feedback and getting things ready for release please contact us by registering on our forums and sending a personal message to Keats, who will sort you out.

Here are some screenshots of how the game looks at the moment (the Juggernaut vision is work in progress, I added a .psd screencap of how it will look once done as well at the bottom).










As always, stay tuned for more...

- Wesley Tack

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Its nice to see all of the progress coming along. Roberts map really does not fit the Off-limit art style buttttt if its fun its fun :)

tbh i think it does.... but i when i first saw it i thought it didnt. Just have to get over the fact that it was used for a lot of Nuclear Dawn screenshots. once you get past that you realise it fits OL just fine and infact adds an important indoor map while keeping post apocalyptic feel

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Is it going to be team deathmatch with capture points, like Terrible Fortress 2?

I don't think so, haven't played TF2 ;)

Since on moddb our summary was still with the alien a lot of people still thought we had it. So I quickly updated it trying to explain how Off Limits works.

It has a lot of aspects and I tried explaining them as much as possible (it may sound a bit complicated the way I wrote it down, but it's easier to understand when you play it and after 1 round usually people get the just of it :P ).

So here's the quote from moddb:

Off Limits is a multiplayer modification that is focused on two teams hunting down and killing the enemy main guy, the Juggernaut. Both teams have the ability to capture spawn points within key areas of the level. The more spawn points a team has the more map control. Only regular players can enter spawns and capture them, the Juggernaut can't enter it. Once captured by a team the health of the Juggernaut goes up by 200HP, so capturing spawn points is vital for winning a match, it not only gives you more control over the level and match, it also gives more strength to your teams Juggernaut.

Once your Juggernaut is killed you lose a spawn point and also lose advantage over a section of the level. So you are being pushed back. So good team work is definitely advisable. By the loss of that spawn point your Juggernaut also lost the extra 200HP he had. Once your team has taken all spawn points except the enemy base spawn your Juggernaut will have 800HP vs. their Juggernauts 200HP (as there are a total of 5 spawn points per level). So the center spawn point is crutial throughout the entire match, but if lost it's still very possible to take it back as playtesting has proven.

When your team is pushed back and only has the base spawn left you need to change your strategy and go on defense, because if your Juggernaut gets killed this time he won't respawn anymore as there are no spawns left. If you do lose your Juggernaut and with it the base spawn the regular players can still try to survive and defend the spawn point as it recaptures or capture it themselves. When they succeed the players that were dead can respawn again and the Juggernaut will also respawn. If they don't, they lose.

We made the Juggernaut vision special, so people playing him can immediately see they are their teams Juggernaut. The vision is an X-ray type of vision that allows you to see through walls (limited distance) and it shows all characters as skeletons. The skeletons are lit up with the team color they are in. The Juggernaut has a minigun with unlimited ammo. Also unlike the regular players the Juggernaut does not have a minimap and also doesn't know where people are. One of the advantages the Juggernaut has to offer to his team is that within a set radius on the minimap it shows the enemy players (good for the team to know). He also has within a set radius health regeneration for his team, so staying close in heavy combat to the Juggernaut might be a good idea!

Some feature we have is the spawn points have a force field around them that can not be entered by the enemy or shot through, this to prevent base camping and killing people upon spawning. As mentioned above the Juggernaut can't enter spawn points so it can not be abused either.

We also made a shield grenade with the same force field as the spawn point, one you can carry with you and deploy where ever you want and use it as a protection shield (since the enemy can't shoot through it). This stays open for 20 seconds, very good to help protect your teams Juggernaut when he's in trouble and also for rushing to center to get the spawn point at the beginning of the match or to block off corridors for the enemy!

On top of that we also have drivable vehicles which makes going from spawn point to spawn point faster on our larger levels and adds a lot of fun in chases or drive by shootings (or trying to run over the enemy Juggernaut if you are skilled enough).

The game play works very well and every new playtest we have things get better and more fun.

I might try and slap together a game play video in the coming weeks to show it.

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