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Unreal 3: DM-LightHouse_final [PC-PS3]


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Hello everyone,

Small deathmatch map with 2-5 players. This is my second Unreal 3 map. I completed this over winter break in 11 days. I wanted to take advantage of my time off from school and learn as much as I could with Unreal.

I kept up the process here,


in hopes to inspire others and to show my workflow for others to learn. It was a great experience and I can't wait to do it again. Just a bit longer time limitation.

I am humbled to release this here along side so many great maps. It's also the perfect place.

Please crit the shit out of it, help me get awesome.


- Added rocks for more cover, added few more trees

- Added more dirt around the lighthouse

- Aligned textures

- Added blocking volumes

- Replaced water shader to eliminate visual glitches

- Improved Lighting

- PS3 version


PC zip Version


PS3 zip Version



Final Version Screenshot


images below are from beta version










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Thanks guys.

The emptyness of the map is something I don't like either about the map.

About DOF,I don't think it applies here, I used it very sparingly and to add atmospheric effect. Although I do agree that too much makes everything look small. Its a balancing act.

thanks again, points taken.

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The resources are there within UT3 for you to do a lot more, I think with a little time and effort you could really improve on what you have here. It's not bad, but it doesn't stand out as much different than what you could have done with some higher-res textures and models in HL1.

There's a ton of great tree meshes, some clusters of those will help fill the space. A slightly brighter directional light might help get some light and dark contrast. You may have done this already, but experiment with multiple dim directional lights to mimic the skybox color and add some extra tone (UT3 does this in many levels).

Try re-working your light fixtures by lowering the radius (and maybe increasing the brightness), and maybe combining them with some spotlights for brighter accents and/or some dim fill lights - without radiosity, you're on your own to get that soft look. Try shrinking some of the textures on the house for a little more detail, maybe even create a duplicate set of terrain layers saved within your map package to get a bit of a higher-resolution terrain texture. Focus on painting more clear walking paths, maybe even using some meshes to line them.

Getting some deco layers on the terrain will make a huge difference in adding more life to the area and also breaking up some of the harsh edges of the terrain itself. Instead of relying solely on rock painted into the terrain mesh, find some matching rocks and add some 3d definition - they've got some really flexible stuff, some maps they use a single rock mesh at different rotations and scales throughout the whole level and you can't even tell. Single-placed shrubs and bushes on top of a deco layer and clusters of trees like I mentioned before will also help.

You're on the right track and definitely know the tech... it looks pretty good, I think the challenge for you now is just taking it a step further. :)

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