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Call of Juarez: Bound of Blood


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So it's sure that Call of Juarez: Bound of Blood will be avaliable on PC/X360/PS3 this year.

Ubisoft has just revealed that it will be publishing a prequel to the Western-themed first-person shooter Call of Juarez. Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood will arrive later this year for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Bound in Blood takes players from the Civil War era George to Aztec ruins in Mexico. The game allows you to control both of the McCall brothers, one of whom was also a playable character in the original Juarez. As with the first game, Bound in Blood is being developed by Polish studio Techland.

"Call of Juarez was well received by gamers and critics,” said Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft. "We're confident this new collaboration with Techland will bring an even bigger and better adventure to fans of shooters and the lawless Wild West.”

http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/18553/Ubi ... -in-Blood/

And some arts:

http://www.3djuegos.com/juegos/imagenes ... -in-blood/

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I loved the first one! Really, really, really loved... back in the time when I played it, I was really in need of something refreshing!

Plus, the graphics were breath taking! and they still hold up quite nicely nowadays, It's still quite playable as well.

I also remeber the AI was the best there was at the time, the enemies always tried to flank you, many of the times succeeding! Therefor making this game really hard and challenging...

Just googled for some screenshots: (CoJ1 screenshots folowing, not Call of Juarez: Bound of Blood)





It still holds up pretty fucking well! :oops: I wanna play it again now... Damn you seir! :roll:

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19.9€ On steam


Might get it on amazon though, only 6.5£

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Call-of-Juarez- ... 960&sr=8-2

Like I said, I played it before, but I wanna replay it... :cool:

[HP], yeah, COJ1 was really nice in 2006/07 but it had big system requirements.

That's another reason to replay it now! :D You can play it maxed out at higher resolutions!

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I played the first one and have mixed feelings. You can really spot a number of mistakes, and the game is not so consistent in everything it does. Some levels feel like a 4 year old put them together in a weekend, others are great. You can spot first timer mistakes, and it is as if some parts were rushed.

Still it is fairly original and has a nice feeling. It is certainly not a bad game.

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If you didn't play COJ1 wait for the new one, it's a prequel so after playing the COJ:BB one and switching to old COJ1 you'll continue the story.


[HP], yeah, COJ1 was really nice in 2006/07 but it had big system requirements.

Depends though, often prequels are designed to be experienced after their predecessors — an obvious example being Metal Gear Solid 3. I wouldn't hold off playing CoJ if you have the itch. :D

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I'll always have a somewhat negative association to Call of Juarez, since my 2nd 360 broke down on it (DVD drive spun to bits).

I liked it though, but it always like it didn't embrace the theme quite as much as I'd like. In a lot of ways I bet you could easily change the time period and it would still feel more or less the same. In my opinion there's still not been a truly great wild west themed game, and to be honest then it feels completely grotesque that someone hasn't made a sand box styled on with great production values (Don't mention Gun, I said great production values).

Anyway, with all that said then I did enjoy Call of Juarez, and I might try this new one as well, but I'd prefer if there were no stealth missions in this one. I just want me some firefights :D

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Don't get me wrong, I love Outlaws, but it just doesn't do it quite good enough as a wild west game tbh. I want GTA with horses, and lots of different landscape, lots of sidequests, interesting stuff to explore. In essence what Gun tried to do, but just with good production values and a world that feels big and real. Gun felt like big rooms with cliffs, which had doors connecting them.

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