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Rules that everyone can live by! [Updated 2/7/06]

The Postman

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Hi there, time for some rules in Political Discussion. I will try to enforce these to the best of my ability with no partisan bias. However I'll state right now that I'm a left-leaning centrist. PM me if you want to know my stances on various political issues. Anyhow, on with the show:

1. Don't flame. Even if you feel like cussing the other person out, keep it in PMs or in EOT. Flame posts will be discussed by the moderators, and are subject to deletion.

2. If you disagree, post something that rebutts the original post. Better yet, grab some legit online sources and post a small blurb from them using the Quote command.

3. If you don't have anything to add to the conversation, just flip past and don't click the reply button, simple huh?

4. Try to keep it civil. This relates to rule #1, but I can't help but repeat this. Calling someone a "fag" or just cussing them out because you disagree will get your posts deleted post-haste. Very simply, try to be polite, even if you disagree.

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Update to clear up some recent issues.

5. One picture per post. It's funny when you're in EOT and post the same shot 800 times, but it just clogs up the page here. So keep it to one picture unless you really need another one to prove your point. Off topic pictures will be deleted. Also, if you're going to post something graphic or un-work safe, please try to give some warning.

6. Try to spell things correctly and use some basic grammar. I'm certainly not perfect at spelling, but if every other word is wrong or in l33t speak, it just derails whatever point you're making. We know a lot of you don't speak English natively, so all we ask is that you try your best, use whole words, and capitalize and punctuate when needed.

7. Posts are only deleted if they explicitly break one of these rules, or if Postman and I both agree on it being deleted. So please stop thinking that it's just me or just Postman. Trust me, we both hate you equally. If it's the first time your post gets deleted, assume it is for a rule violation. We'll try to send you a PM to let you know why. If it's minor, we might just edit your post for you and let you fix it later. If you break the rules a lot, we're not going to waste time PMing you. If it's for some outside-the-box reason for something being deleted, we'll send you a PM to tell you why.

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