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Chintendo Vii and Polystation 3


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We got those in Brazil as well unfortunately. Poor moms always fall for this trick. Let´s say you are a poor mom and your kid wants a Nintendo Wii for christmas. You go to a game store and the seller says the Wii comes with only one game and costs $250. He then notices you don´t have all that money and tells you about Vii, a game console that looks exactly the same and comes with 2.000 games, 2 controllers and a laser pistol for only $50. Which one will you buy? The same happens with Playstation 3 (that comes with only one game) and Polystation 3 (that comes with several plus the laser pistol).

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when i was a little kid my parents bought a thing that looked like a dreamcast controller and had like 500 games in it from sega genesis to nes, we used to plug it into the little tv i the van when we went o road trips and it was the coolest thing ever. it doesnt work anymore :( (oh and it even came with a little pistol to play duckhunt with)

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