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Animator and Programmer - UT3 Mod The Ball - Double 1st plac

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We are looking for two people to reinforce our mod team - the UT3 mod The Ball - Double 1st place Winner MakeSomethingUnreal Phase 1



# Will need to rig and animate about three to four characters (two or three more may be added in half a year)

# The characters we have, have a fairly small number of animations - we are not looking for a million animations but just the basics (walking/jumping/an attack/etc.) - no facial animation or anything special.

# It would be nice if you had experience with the Unreal Engine, but this is not super essential.


# Most preferably skilled in UnrealScript and you obviously need to own a copy of UT3.

# Our current programmer has real life interfering so we are looking for a second programmer to help out.

# The most critical features we need coded are implementing our new weapon and coding the large gorilla, plus possibly coding a vehicle in the future. And some smaller other things.

We are not necessarily looking for the best of the best! I would personally much rather have a very motivated person with intermediate knowledge of his thing than an expert who is never around! Please don't hold back your "application", we don't bite and you have nothing to lose, so just try.

You can email me at me@hourences.com - please provide some worksamples.



We are a small team - we like to keep the team focused so we only take those people in we really need.

1 Programmer

3 Character modelers

2 level designers

1 level gameplay scripter

1 Composer

And I am the project lead/level designer/environment artist/gameplay designer/particle artist

We have started this project in May 2008. Our first release took us 1.5 month and just 2.5 people. Our second release took us 3 months and 5 people. We are growing steadily for each release, to ensure a stable and healthy growth.



We are working on The Ball for UT3.

The Ball is a first person singleplayer puzzle mod with an Aztec theme to it. The mod takes place in a mysterious Aztec temple, at the top of a volcano. The player has to use the Impact Gun to move a large steel ball around and utilize that ball to solve puzzles and get around obstacles. The mod uses all new custom art to establish a unique, stylish, and atmospheric experience. The Ball is the winner of the MakeSomethingUnreal contest Phase 1, having won both Best Gametype and Best Use of Physics.

We have already released two releases: Pehua and Oztoc. We release one episode every 3-6 months. We are in it to create an awesome and stylish mod, and to try and get as far into the 1 million dollar MSU contest as we can, and having already won two first prizes, we are not doing bad!

We are small team. We have hit every (contest) deadline so far with ease. We don't bullshit around. We don't have NDA's, or other paperstuff. Hell we don't even have a website. What we do have is an original and proven mod that we try to expand, with the next release planned for May. We need help two more people to do that.

We have realistic goals and realistic deadlines. We finish what we start, if you want guarantee for that, have a look at my personal work: http://www.hourences.com - I have worked on four large mods all of them were released. I have created and released about 20 stand alone levels, I have written two entire books, dozens of tutorials, I have worked on 6 games (including UT2004 and Huxley to name two), 3 texture packs, and so on. Modding is a hobby for me, I have been doing this for 10 years now. Over the last 5 years, I haven't given up on a single mod project I started!

We split the prize money we win.

Here are interviews about the mod:

ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-ball/features/the-ball-is-rolling

IGN/ModCenter: http://www.modcenter.com/cgi-bin/tutorials/showcase/detail.pl?toot_id=1343

BeyondUnreal: http://www.beyondunreal.com/articles/the-ball-pehua-q-a/

And here are the winners of MSU Phase 1:


Our forum:


Our ModDB Page:


Our last release:














Other people may apply too by the way, while we don't really need anyone else right now, you never know...

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