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actually im qutie disappointed. i expected some new content with the new design :)

and i don't like the color scheme - me feeling is kinda like you made that on a provocative purpose, so everyone who says i don't like the pink, you can answer "come one, be a modern man..." or something like that :)

i think it doesn't look serious - i even get a feeling of "someone ripped cool work and made an ugly webpage".

really don't wanna be disrespectful but i think the colors should be corrected - it looks forced and not honest - like some april's fool

edit: maybe you already had too much to drink, i might add :banjo:

at least i had :P:fap:

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I generally like to see portfolio sites in general with a darker colour scheme. I think it helps the screenshots/images to stand out better, whereas with a light/white background like on this new one the white kind of darkens the screenshots and takes the emphasis and detail away from them because of the laws of contrast.

I think it'd work if it weren't a site so intently focused on showing off those images. :D

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