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(recylced from the congrats to Zaphod thread)

I still remember in '00 when he lost his Missouri congressional race to Mel Carnahan, two weeks after Carnahan died in a plane wreck. That was really just a bad sign to me when a guy who loses to a dead guy gets to be Attorney General. Luckily he protected us from that filthy statue of Justice with her filthy, filthy exposed titty.

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i can hear liberal fags

Hey look, we got ourselves a compassionate conservative here! Hahaha, oh Duffy.

Seriously, Ashcroft was the most constricting, conservative, conservative Christian influenced, paranoid control freak we've had since perhaps McCarthy. Not to mention he holds incredibly outdated and ignorant beliefs that effect his judgement and opinion.

...but...he's gone now! A true victory for all who truly love American freedom and the joy it allows.

McCarthy was a hero

I'm gonna arrest you for being a communist and ruin your life.

PS: let's nuke Korea and China.

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