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Curse Episodes - A HL2 Total Conversion


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so i was just browsing some cg sites and stumbled over that poster made in gimp:


and thought, mmmh lets check the site out, and wow that sure looks like a pretty nice mod, imo.

i never heard of that mod before, but the art quality is pretty neat, i gotta say.

did any of you guys hear of this project before ? or have been working on it ? or what do you think about the project, just by checking out the media ?

the site:


some more screens of it:

http://www.moddb.com/mods/curse1/images ... shot-00134

http://www.moddb.com/mods/curse1/images ... 3#imagebox

edit: just to make sure, i don't have anything to do with that project, just thought i might share, what i stumbled over ^^

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Thanks for sharing, this looks very nice! The videos are quite spooky, especially the one with the worm demon :oops: The presented puzzles look a bit too easy and I'm not sure yet what to think about the taglines on some of the promo shots "kill mummies with a morning star!" - yay :lol:

Still, one guy is doing this? Wow!

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Already played it yesterday.. it exceeded my expectations. Really nice gameplay and stunning visuals (for src engine). Waiting for EP2 :P

I loved the transitions that happened in the whole level between nightmare, normal and clear mode. Definitely worth a try!

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Yep, you must disable every grate of every green chamber to access to the nightmare mode of the level (red sky) and vanquish the last monsters. It's basically an altered version of the level with a linear path but with some new areas.

The last boss is amazing, I never thought I would encounter this (awesome) monster taken from another game in this mod. :D

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Tested it yesterday. I really enjoyed the art (textures, colors, lighthing) but I didn't really liked the atmosphere I was boring. Also the gameplay is very odd and as always the hl2 physic were very buggy. Didn't finished the mod I'll wait for episode and bugfix though.

Lol.. nowadays people don't even finish short episodes and make excuses of non-existant bugs.. D:

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