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[TF2] Arena_Space Beta 1


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Due to the budget cutback of the 03.February 1964, the "Blue-Labs-Aeronautics-Administration" (Blaa) has decided to hijack the Red's lunar-space craft. We have located the lunar module at the Red's spacestation "Jupiter 1". This mission is of vital importance, we have to be the first men on moon !

(To engage actors to fake the moon landing on earth would be too expensive.)


Your team must either eliminate all astronauts on the opposing team or capture the control point that will be activated during the round.

Other Notes:

There is no respawning in Arena mode.

I still have to implement the lunar module and do some general polishing, but here is the first beta version of my arena map :celebrate: .

screenshot10yyj.jpg screenshot2gos6.jpg screenshot3lrht.jpg screenshot4vplt.jpg


http://files.filefront.com/arena+space+ ... einfo.html



I hope you'll enjoy the map :zoidberg: !

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Mh, sounds horrible :-| and I thought the performence would be ok, since all lightmaps but a few exceptions have a resolution of 64 and the unseen parts of the level aren't rendered.

It would be great to see some screenshots of the areas you mentioned, so that I can improve them. :)

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