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Finally looking into this game and it actually looks fun, but maybe I think that because I liked Stalker so much and I'm in the mood for something that reminds me of it. Anyway, it came out today (at least in the US) but so did God of War 3 for PS3. Choices...

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Who the fuck plays in dx11? dx9 for me!

- Knock, knock.

- Who is this?

- 2010

eh eh, nah just fucking with ya, there's not a lot of stuff that you can do on this new shitty DX's that you can't do on dx9.

lol, it's amazine tho, on that graph the higher the DX, the lower the FPS! :P it has new fancy tech like tessellation but even this new dx11 cards obviously can't handle it properly yet. We definitely live in peculiar times for PC gaming. It's with bullshits like these that I have to understand some of the arguments that console botters say against the PC platform. If this shit continues, I wonder for how long will I continue to bear with this, cos sometimes you just wanna insert a DVD and enjoy a game out of the box, know what i mean?

I'm still stuck on windows vista, so I'll be playing this on dx10.

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