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I dunno, the more you look at this shot, the weirder it gets. What's up with the second dude being half blurry, half straight? And what's the bit on thec left that looks like a small branch sticking into the shot, not blurred? Or the right part of the google on the guy's helmet is way more blurred than the left one, which doesn't make much sense seeing as it is only slightly more in the foreground.

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DOF is just a pointless waste of time imho, no game has implemented it without it looking like ass so far. This doesn't look like it'll be any different here, just another option to turn off.

Steamworks comfirmed for the game btw, another fucking game to buy and find a crack for :cry:

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No comments?! Instead of hating on Vegas, maybe you could turn that around and err... make love with Metro?

Anyhow, there's 10 more days to go, the games Gold and snippet from an early review is in;

Some of the best-executed first-person firefighting seen in any game, Metro 2033 redefines the survival-horror genre and claims the crown for its own

New trailer out as well;



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