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Damn.. the fucking bloom shit slows some scenes down to 20fps... ffs.

I was going to play in Russian but some of the background audio doesn't have subtitles so you'll miss some ambience... so for first playthrough I'm using English voices, which are kind poor really. I tested the Russian voices and they are fantastic... shame not everything is subtitled.. but the sentences of some characters loop so it gets repetitive so it's probably not a massive deal.

First person cutscenes are well done... really don't know why there are thirdperson scenes... doesn't really work too well in narrative.

Children in a videogame... omg!

More shots, even something simple like a sink has oodles of detail in it.


Yet another game dev using cgtextures :P


Character model detail is insane.


Objectives clipboard is a cool idea and works well.


I can see me falling in love with this game very quickly...

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":35a7jerl]Dude, your screenshots are stretched. if you have a 16:10 monitor, you should be playing at 1280*800 not 1280*1024.

Awesome shots tho! :o

I don't know what monitor it is, it's a 19" LCD and that's all I know :P Maybe loweing res will help the framerate though...

Jets: Not since NOLF afaik...

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I'm trying to like this game but it just makes me want to play Stalker.

However I did enjoy Metro 2033 for what it's worth, I have to admit right after uninstalling it I felt the urge to go through the first Stalker again (CoP I just finished and Clear Sky is a buggy pile of shit and I can't play more than 2 hours without my saves corrupting).

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it's annoying it's so linear. it's like the game is taunting you with this entire metro map every fucking loading screen, but all you get is a small line down it.

i wanna see all of it, not just one simple route. how about entering the reich and sneaking past the nazis, sort of like an underground wolfenstein? or going out to some of the more protected areas where people actually consider starting living on the surface again? the world needs more life for sure.

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Damn.. seems like there's two colours in this game.. black (metro) and white (surface), it's getting a bit tiring with all the dark locales...I usually like that sort of thing but it's a bit much in this game. "Ghosts" was great though.

Also I don't know what the Hell is up with people slating the AI and shooting mechanics.. the enemies AI is no easy ride and shooting feels very solid.

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I'm having insane amounts of fun with this one. Metro 2033 easily ties Mass Effect 2 for best game released this year so far. My only real complaint is damage feedback. Most of the monsters don't have an audible sound or flinch animation when you hit them and what little blood spatter there is is obscured by your muzzle flare. It's really tough to tell when you're damaging enemies. Other than that and a few bugs (gas mask filters not actually being replaced, some cutscene animation wonkiness) it's a damn fine game. Atmosphere and locales are great. Cinematics are excellent.

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Good Lord this game is hard as nails at times... the only weapon that seems to be effective is the AK.. everything else pails in comparison (shotgun does wonders but you actually have to get close to do anything...).. and getting close to an enemy is not easy since they seem to be able to spot you from miles away... in the dark. Stealth is pointless in this game, I managed to knife two guys before another spotted the bodies... and then me... those GT AI videos are rubbish... the game is nothing like this.. it's made of rock covered cement! Starting to pickup though, I just

Plowed through Nazi soldiers using the buggy train

... don't play this game if you suffer from vertigo.. lol

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Jesus I fucking hate


.. they're so bugged, sometimes you can get past ok and other times you do what you're supposed to and they still beat 7 bells of shit out of you...

That was probably the worst part/level of the whole game. The AI didn't work and you were basically forced to run through the level, never knowing where to go. Overall I really enjoyed the game, though I have to admit that there were some parts that were totally annoying.

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