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I do pay attention to the gameplay that's precisely what these videos show, and OMG this looks VERY bad.

I agree... None of the gameplay videos have impressed me, all have just left me thinking.. this AI is thick as hell. The most recently posted ones are the worst, and unless they're just glitches.. I'll pass.

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I played a couple hours this morning. I quite like it so far. Didn't encounter bugs, the atmosphere is great, and "safe zones" full of detail and people. It's a bit like a linear Stalker game, but with higher production values. It trades its open-endedness for better cut-scenes (Call of Pripyat's cutscenes were laughable) and "life". I haven't really noticed anything about the human AI yet, but I think the section I'm about to play features more bandits so I'll see that then. Good game so far though, I like how they reward exploration by having ammo work as currency and placing stashes everywhere.

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Seems to be ok so far... game wouldn't start to begin with but I restarted Steam and it was fine.

First of all the graphics in this game are.... astonishing... some of the best ever in a game for sure.

Playing on high @ 1280x1024, bit of slowdown in areas with lots of people around but mostly a solid 70-50fps in combat areas so far.

Here's a couple of screenshots;



Unfortunately you can't disable or enable advanced graphics effects which is annoying as Hell...

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