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At long last my degree finally turned up.

Ginger Lord

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I just had a look at your site, I don't think you're going to have a problem finding a good game company, if thats what you want to do :)

Yeah ultimately, want to get HaJ done first and a small side project just to have something recent done. Although with the way the games industry is going at the moment it sort of fits in with not really looking for a LD job till second half of next year.

What subject is the degree?

BA(Hons) Multimedia Design & Digital Animation. Mostly 3D animation in XSI including all aspects from storyboarding, sketching, modelling, rigging, animation, rendering, postprocessing etc. Then they throw in a lot of theory of design in all aspects of new media along with website design, 2D games in Director (lulz, we never knew why they wouldn't use Flash) and video production/editing/SFX. The course no longer exists, we were the penultimate year of it as they have now split it into a BA(Hons) Animation and two Foundation Degrees in Website Design and Games Design as it was too hard apparantly!

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Well I'm doing basically the exact same course (a bit more with focus on the theories behind animation and story telling) and it doesn't cost me anything apart from some subscribing fee... personally I don't know if I'd be willing to spend so much money for education.

Congrats anyways and - as pointed out - great portfolio!

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Congrats on the degree!

I have to say, I don't really understand the UK education prices. When I was living there, I looked into doing a full-time accelerated course to graphic design and the school I was interested in costed £6000 for 3 months :???:

Ouch. Never heard of anything like that over here though, perhaps they're trying to rip off the foreigners :-D UK prices for University are apparantly set by each University, but the Government says they can only charge up to £3145 a year. So every Uni I know of charges that. Plus you need somewhere around £2k-£5k a year in living costs such as rent/food/bills/beer etc.

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