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[TF2] PL Great Heights


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Well it's out folks :) Now I actually have time to pack for my upcoming country skip. Already itching at the bit to get back into the level and start working on B3. I hope to have most areas detailed and a more cohesive visual theme throughout its entirety. Kinda wished I put more focus on that at the start but ah well, it plays good and that's the main thing for now.

If anyone's in Australia, it's currently on a dedicated internode server at and on BestGN's rotation at:

Currently doing the rounds on numerous forums, I feel like a bit of a pleb doing it :/ 1st posts promoting your own map and all, but ah well.







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Cheers guys. Been getting some good feedback from those who've hosted it already, it's taken off quite well so far. The primary aussie server was packed for about 8 hours or so last night, 24/24 with it as the sole map in rotation!

HDR Reduction is in the works Shacky, a few people have commented on this so it's becoming an established quarrel with the level.

It`s on the rotation of one of the servers I play in often

Which server is this? Hard to keep track of who's hosting what, but its fun to pay their forums a visit if they have a website setup.

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