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Problem with sound input.


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I recently installed Skype and attempted to join in an online meeting via voice-com but for some reason I couldn't speak. I thought I needed to get a new mic since the one I was using was very old. However upon getting a brand new headset with a microphone I find I still have the same problem. The headphones work, but the mic doesn't record anything in sound recorder or if I say something on messenger/Skype. I've checked the sound settings and they seem fine but I've tested the recording system and it doesn't find my voice either, saying it failed to detect any audio input.

What could be wrong?! Do I update the driver and if so how would I do that? I have an old Creative Soundblaster Live! on here which is obviously very outdated by today's standards.


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It's most probably the sound card causing this. First make sure it's plugged into the pink port, and then make sure 'Microphone' (or something equivalent) is selected as the record mode in Windows' volume control panel.

If it's Vista you simply right click the volume icon on the task bar, choose 'Recording Devices', and then set 'Microphone' as the default. If you're in XP I believe it's slightly less intuitive and you have to go to File > or something while in the full volume control to find the recording modes.

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Do you have front mic/headphone ports on your case as well as back. I've know quite a few peoples front ports not work or not even be connected. Worth checking.

I do actually, but when I plugged the cables into the front nothing worked, so I assume that they're defunct.

I also have two other green and pink sockets on the actual computer itself but I assume that onboard sound is standard anyway? I'm confused to be honest, doesn't make any sense why it wouldn't work :???:

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