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Post your favourite movie scenes ever!

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A bunch of mine will be because of a cool cinematography trick, like these 

Next, I particularly love the transition from once scene to another, where the camera follows the luggage into the sorting room at the end, it completes the first scene (people are writing names on the luggage, very powerful conclusion of one story into another.

Next, at 1:44 + the shot the Nazgul's walking through the door from the side, with the man terrified is incredible! If you needed convincing they are terrifying, that shot cements it. 

Finally, using light and music to tell the story, in Close Encounters


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lol haven't watched Jurassic Park since I was a kid on the VHS we got as a present, I was too young to ever realise who Samuel Fucking Jackson even was in this movie!

Since I havenìt seen any of the movies that followed the first, was thinking of watching them all before the last one I avoided at the cinema (because of Pratt and clear waste of money) but since they are all on NowTV...

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