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Gun design


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im not sure what is for, but it looks like it isnt made for heavy duty. more like a supersoaker. can't quite figure out what the back 'thingy' is suposed to do. it looks a little bit like a toy but maybe that's exactly what youre aiming for.

i dig the small pipes connecting the parts of the gun btw! :) what did you use to draw it?

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You should have looked a real life weapons, weapons in games and such for inspiration. That weapon looks like something you'd start with in a space game and the weapon is so crappy that you'd rather use your fist :o

It doesn't look beefy enough ;)

Also; What does it shoot? A mix of 2 liquids that are in separate tanks?

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It looks a lot like a weapon Martians would have in a sci fi movie of the 50's :D, which is actually not a bad thing haha. However, the biggest grief i would have is that you got too much repetitions on your design.

You have a lot of redundant shapes : the two tanks in the middle, the two little spheres of the back, the pipes, the things between the tanks, maybe you could rework a bit the silouhette and add more variations of size and so on.

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