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Uncharted 2 - teaser


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I'm sure there'll eventually be an opportunity where you can get one and enjoy the good games that've come out for it all at once; I can see that depending on taste the PS3 might not be worth its current price, but there are definitely some seriously good gems. That's what I'm going to be doing with the 360 soon. :D

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I really loved the first Uncharted and if this was just more of the same it’d still be a first-day purchase. Though, I’m glad they’ve decided on a whole new location; the blinding whiteness of the tundra.

With flying trains!

Though I did have some gripes with Uncharted. I didn’t mind the linear nature of the game so much, but I would’ve liked the puzzle pieces to be a bit harder. Checking the book was really cool, but the game was too ready to give away the solution. And I hope they have some non-humanoid enemies in the game, Uncharted mixed it up a little with

the cursed Nazis, which were a great addition because you had to fight completely differently

, but I’m not sure there was enough variety.

These both combine to my main problem with Uncharted. At several points in the game you would solve a complicated puzzle (story-wise) to unlock a secret passage that nobody has entered for hundreds of years... Only to find that actually the back wall has fallen down, or 2 seconds later there’s an handy explosion, to facilitate the place being flooded with mercenaries. Kind of took all the mystery out of it.

But then again, 10 foot man-eating cave spiders probably would be out of place. And, by golly, you’ve got to shoot something.

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speaking of Uncharted awesomeness...have you listened to the soundtrack? It totally kicks ass and replaces the original Mercenaries soundtrack as my favorite one from a videogame. Looking forward to Uncharted 2.

Good call on the OST! I'm listening to it atm, and oh boy do I agree with your post!

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