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Best mods you ever played?


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I was here wondering, it has been a while since I've played a decent mod, or TC.

It might just be me, but what I see is a lot more mods than what we had a few years ago, and much less quality mods. Or am I wrong?

I mean, I can name a handful of very high quality mods actually on development, but when will they be released, or if they will ever be released!?

So I ask here to all mapcoreans to post a list of your favorite mods of all times, both recent and old engine! Maybe I and some of us will get to know some projects that slipped by us, and we're missing a great deal of fun for free! :D

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Poke646 Series, Minerva, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Insurgency, Natural Selection, some Quake3-Modifiers, WarCraft 3 - The Spiderqueen (to name one RTS-Mod :D ), Portal: Prelude, Team Fortress, Black Mesa: Sideline (HL1 Mod), IOS, PVK II, Sven Coop, Fortress Forever, Uther Parties (WC3 Mod once again!), DotA (WC3 Mod woho!), Desert Combat...

Must have forgotten a good bunch. Esp Half-Life and HL2 have so many quality mods (although everyone's whining about the tools)...

http://www.hlportal.de/?sec=mods&site=m ... released=2

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Action Quake II and later Action HL were huge for me back in the day, loved them. Science and Industry was fun as well, but it was never popular enough in Australia at the time, to garner a decent server or two..

Neil Manke's They Hunger and Darkstar were highlights too :)

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Natural Selection (Half-Life)

Sven Co-op (Half-Life)

Syndicate Black Ops (Half-Life) (you might only enjoy it if you are french ;) )

The Wastes (Half-Life)

They Hunger (Half-Life)

The Hidden (Half-Life 2)

Slide Mod (Quake)

Quoth (Quake)

Unreal: Operation Na Pali (Unreal Tournament)

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