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Max Payne, Nostalgia!


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Inspired by the soon to be released Max Payne 2 Total Conversion, 7thserpent I've replayed Max Payne 1 and 2, and oh boy, It's fucking amazing how these games still hold with the quality of nowadays games!

In fact, in my very humble opinion this is one of the best masterpieces of the whole video games world! Max Payne means to me what Half-Life means to many of you, It's where it all started for me!

So yeah, I created this thread just to give some love to this awesome games that I modded the shit of them a few years back, (http://newdawn.paynereactor.com/ :D) and I own remedy a lot! Hell, I'd probably wouldn't even be working on games if It wasn't for them, and their main source of inspiration, Max Payne!

Like i said on 7thSerpent thread, those who didn't bought MP2, or even MP1. You can buy both on steam for 15$! Fuck warez, this masterpieces deserve our cents!


Here's a really awesome tributes to both games!

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MP1 refuses to run on my computer. :(

Max Payne 2 is fantastic, and as shallow as it sounds, it's because of the graphics. MP2 was my first exposure to shader effects. :-D I played it first on my onboard intel graphics and it looked good but normal, and was a really fun game. Then I got a real video card, a Radeon 9250, and I could turn everything to max and OH MY GOD :megamon: I spent like 20 minutes diving back and forth, watching Max's shadow grow and shrink, amazingly accurate. Photo-realistic! It was amazing!


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I remember that the textures of the levels in maxpayne 1 completely blown me away at that time. :)

And I liked both a lot, for different reasons actually, but maybe i liked the second a bit more :). In terms of storyline, the two episodes aren't playing on the same field : Max Payne is not the same character. In the first episode he is very dark and autodestructive, he has nothing to loose and won't give up until he took his revenge. However in the second opus he's rather the old, tired and depressive cop that thrillers like a lot, he has no revenge to take and a pretty empty life. Then Mona (who are very autodestructive woman) enters in his life and become his hope and his morbid obsession at the same time, and he's running behind her during the whole game rather than running behind his investigation.

The first had a pretty dark atmosphere, but i liked the second a lot for the complex and more real personality of the characters. But also for the action which had a way better feeling. :P

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