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n8brakers photothread


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Really nice stuff! I love it, and i laughed at the girl, reading like that :D Looks awkward. Did you pay the homeless? How did they react to you wanting to take picture? As i understand it most homeless people are homeless because they want to be anonymous (faceless!, pun intended!). My favorite is the one with the bikes.

Don't take this to serious, i my self like borders. But i have been so flamed for using it so now i wounder if it is ok to use them? Or is it only when I use them that it is wrong? ;)

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hey Spell :)

to answer your first question: well, some don't want to be photographed and i understand that. but the other half does. i just explain why im doing it, and for what. most homeless people don't mind when they find out im not making any profit of the photographs. and some endorse the fact that i am in fact giving them a face! there's not much attention for homeless people since politicians dont get much votes by vouching for the homeless, sad as it may be.. i paid the homeless 1 or 2 euro's for the shots, but not every homeless person asked for the money. i see it more as a symbolic fee. most people agree to be photographed if you just take the time to listen to their stories.

well, i want borders anyway. :D but the final borders will be made of paper. i think the use of simple borders isn't that bad ;)

but.. what are your thoughts on borders? :)

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I guess b&w is the general style in documentary. I personally think it fits this context well. One thing that caught my eye now that I had another look at these photos are the burnt out parts. The more I look at these the more I find the highlighted "white" parts kinda distracting.

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