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I want to get a Digital Camera...


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Really cheap: used Canon EOS 350D Kit (Body + 18-55 mm lens)

Cheap and not bad: used Canon EOS 350D Body + Sigma 17-70 mm lens

Not so cheap but good: used or new Canon EOS 400D Body + Sigma 17-70 or 24-105 mm lens

Expensive but really nice: new Canon EOS 400D Body + Sigma 10-20 mm + Sigma 24-105 mm lenses

Advenced set for pacient (no AF - Auto Focus) users: any Canon EOS Body + EF-S to M42 adapter + cheap M42 lenses like Carl Zeiss Jena DDR 36 mm or 180 mm

Those sets are for advanced users, quality of the camera/lenses depends on money you can put into it.

I had Pentax, Olympus (E3 is really cool but expensive) and Nikons in my hands and I decided to buy Canon. The only bad thing from Canon is that only lenses have IS (Image Stabilization) - other producers offer cameras with IS built in camera body.

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for Canon i'd go for a used 300D (and yes, look for the D on the end, or else it will be the analog equivalent) or maybe a 350D. they're both the less expensive ones. i'm not completely sure what you're after, but if megapixels arent a big issue, the Canon D30 is cheap, and makes excellent photo's, but its only 3mp. it's really cheap though, bought one for my gf for only € 85.

lensen are expensive too. you could buy cheap EF lenses, but then your image quality is at stake. as seir said, you could also buy an EF to m42 adapter. this adapter will let you mount old m42 lenses wich come at a great range of focal lengths, are extremely cheap in comparison wich ef/ef-s lenses AND deliver mostly great quality photographs. cons would be: no AF - and you'll have to get familliar with non-automatic photographing, but if you're going for dslr ill recomment getting familliar with that anyway.

if you're going for nikon, i'd go for the D40. theyre new for +- €280 / €330. nikon has a nice lenssystem (almost all lenses, even the really ols ones, are compatible) but the cheaper cameras dont have a servo wich drives the AF, so youd have to buy the more expensive lenses (wich have the servo in the lens) to make use of AF..

i wouldnt go for olympus: image quality is ok, but you'll have to put up wich lesser buildquality, an odd lenssystem (wich might turn out to be more expensive then you like) and the aspect ratio of the foto's (3/4) are less then fortunate when you want prints and such.

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