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Episode 2 Models -> DoD: S?


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So I've been fucking around with Hammer lately, and what I haven't fully figured out how to do is use props from one Source game and use it in another. Obviously this requires you to have Episode 2 as well as DoD: S, but I'm not worried about that since I have no plans on making any of my shitty work public. I know you can somehow import the model, but from what I've gathered you have to recompile it. Is it not possible to simply have Hammer point to the models in a specific .gcf and have it go from there? I'm sure this question has been asked before, but since my Googleing skills are pretty terrible, I thought I'd ask you fine gentleman.

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if you keep them in the same relative folder (.../dods/models/x from .../ep2/models/x) then you don't need to recompile, but that directory is included in the model itself so if you move it somewhere else it wont load.

the orange box also uses updated texture and model formats, so you'll need a conversion tool (someone made one for TF2 before the sdk was updated) if you want to use ep2 content in a non-OB game like CSS or most mods.

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