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de_hydroCo by Sk3tch for Counter-strike SOURCE

download: http://www.sk3maps.com/de_hydroco.html

"A terrorist organization has taken over a hydro-electric plant in Arizona. They have been producing nuclear and bio-chemical munitions under the false identity of "clean energy". Along the way they have been killing any and all who have entered the plant who is not in thier terrorist group...burning them alive. They will go out of thier way, even destroying the western United States to finish thier final mission: Destroy the United States as a whole.

T's: Use the C4 to destroy evidence in either of the two bombsites. Kill any CT's you encounter.

CT's: Secure the area and prevent the T's from Planting the C4. Defuse if necessary. Kill any T's you encounter.

Credits: Models by M8nkey (The missiles) and Ill_kid (The vehicles)...and map beta testing provided by AHP Public servers!

Map formerly named de_hydrofire"







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are you sure with this flat rock wall in the first and last screenshot?

anyway, nice work, i like it :)

Yeah...There was alot of "what the hell was I thinking" with this map. I intended to just do a straight up port from the original 1.6 map... Then I got carried away in some spots and lazy in others. I actually never took a second thought of that rock cliff edge until you mentioned it. A project that was intended to take a week took me almost a year (With family and job obligations in the way).

It's like a big weight off my shoulders to finish this map.

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