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3ds Max Clay/Wireframe Render


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To render the wireframe,

01. First clone the model you want to render. (Click and Crtl+V)

02. Then open de material editor (M) and give the original model the material of your choice.

03. Keep your material editor open and select the copied one. Use the layer tool If you can't select it.


04. Click the next default material and click Wire in Shader Basic Parameters and pitch a color. (Chose Black if you had pitched a lighten material right at the beginning with your original model.)


05. Keep your original model layer off, select your cloned model et give it a Push modifier. Set the Push Value at 0,01. At last turn on the original model and render the scene.



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To render the Clay,

01. Add a plane 200px * 200px. Pitch a new default material, click on Diffuse and chose grey and lighten it.

02. Add a Skylight in your scene and leave the settings at default.

03. Press F10, and click on the Advanced lighting tab. Select light tracer and keep the settings as default.


04. Render it and your done!


An example of mine.



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