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Idiot Activion Producer Noah Heller


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http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/vi ... uy-UPDATED

Back in the summer, Heller said that Gearbox Software, developer of competing World War Two game Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, "wasn't even in the same league" as Treyarch and Activision. "We don't even think about them. They're not even a game we even think about when we're playing," he said. "We want to look at the games that do great storytelling. We don't want to look at someone who's just making a crappy war game."
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Lack of professionalism on both sides. Activision owns the rights on the CoD franchise. It seems just logical to me that they advertise CoD 5 with the success of CoD 4. Sure they are milking the franchise to death but this is sadly how it often works in this industry.

Even if the guy is a Douche as described by 402. Don't bite the hand that feeds you... Could aswell cost him his job. I lost my last job for less. Lesson learned. What you write on your private blog isnt really private if you are a PR guy for a big company in your work life. Always be careful.

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