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Unearthly Challenge - abandoned colony


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Heyhey everyone, I put the map online, you'll need unreal editor 3 to check it out though!

Download the file here: http://www.brameulaers.com/filez/GEIDI_ ... colony.rar

warning: big download (90mb)! Just unrar the file to "My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Unpublished" in you windows documents folder. You should be able to open it, possible you first have to open the content package (GEIDI.upk) in the generic browser.

Have fun discovering how unfinished it really is and looking at my geometry gaps and lighting errors that are all over the place =)!

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I took a look at it, and i have to say that i'm really impressed, not by the complexity of your models or textures, there's no complex shaders or anything. But more on how you managed to find quick solutions to make what you wanted, you did that really cleverly. Man you even made static meshes to do the occlusion shadows behind your signs :D :D. You did that fast, simple, efficient and kept in mind the artistic homogeneity, you can be proud son.

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