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Pointn'click Adventure Background Art - Style Test


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Hey guys.

I've been working on a style test for what could become a point n'click adventure game on the AGS engine. It's the standard "Detective's Office" but I've tried to bring in some influences from the LucasArts games, Most notable would probably be Day of the Tentacle (and it's surrealist tendancy to throw perspective out of the window) and Sam & Max.

I'm trying to get a lot of feedback early on, and I've already taken lots of advice and fixed certain things. But it's easy to start losing perspective once you work on something for a length of time. So really, Im just trying to get some feedback right now on the style. What do you like/dislike, and what could I do to improve?


And additional shot with protagonist. Does he suit this style?


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Looks very nice =)

A few nitpicks:

- The fixture above the door should be moved up a bit. It could be a hindrance when someone opens the door.

- The fridge perspective is wrong. The bottom shares the same line as the wall.

- The foreground could have a few more elements.

- The room is very bright but it shouldnt be. There arent any big light sources, just a few small ones.

- Make the ceiling darker. Would help balancing the composition.

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I think the character does generally fit, but he needs more shading (flat shading) just to give him a bit more depth. I don't think the more cartoony style for him is bad (Curse of Monkey Island pulled this type of combination off to great effect), he just needs to blend in a little more.

Awesome background art, though.

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It's not a big deal but Mino is right about the fridge. Even though your going for a surreal style it's more convincing if basic principles of perspective are obeyed.

I think the character does generally fit, but he needs more shading (flat shading) just to give him a bit more depth.

I agree, some flat shading (especially the jacket) would easily give him more depth. He should suite the room fine.

It's easy to see your influences, you have a cool style.

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