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an immense push map for insurgency...

the setting is fictional, and all signage is in (garbled) esperanto, the international language of peace and understanding.

i used a lumber pile model by generalvivi (downloaded from iwannamap.com), and also altered some INS textures to varying degrees (denoted in the directory by the prefix NOWH_INS). otherwise all custom textures, decals, models, and sounds are my own.

a multitude of changes and additions from beta3 (it wasn't pimped on mapcore, so this may mean nothing to you all). to name a few:

-two new objectives. these two objectives currently take less time to cap and serve to change the current spawn for the usmc into a more advantageous situation.

-further improvement on spawns. spawn camping should be a very dangerous proposition, but at the same time, pushing usmc spawns shouldn't be overwhelmingly unfair, thus ideally eliminating that invisible line of what is acceptable.

-many spawns are located in two different, but adjacent areas, and are assigned by squad. they have been positioned to give advantages to the particular character of that squad (for example, long range lines of site lay outside squad two spawns, giving preference to snipers and marksmen). they also work to deter exit camping.

-much more of the map is in play.

-plenty of custom content.

download the map and all associated assets here and hit button 1. this download includes a res file for server operators, and an IMC2 for both clients and servers.

for those who have downloaded the map directly from my server ([cC]INS @, you will be missing the IMC2 file. for servers, this file is essential, for clients it enables the class selection screen upon map join. it is inessential, but recommended. you can download the IMC2 standalone (only 890 bytes!) here and hit button 2.

instructions for unzipping the archives are located on the download page.









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this somehow reminds me of mongolia... although that would be more barren. russia wouldn't be a bad bet either. good job with the setting, it's nice to see some people are not without imagination.

though in some of the shots, you really need to add more detail. huge concrete walls and textures that don't fit together are not cool in what is supposed to be a realistic atmosphere. get rid of them or remake them.

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thanks for the feedback, guys.

unfortunately, the detail thing is a tough proposition. this map is absolutely huge (i don't know of another source multiplayer map that approaches its size). the world brushes are very nearly maxed out, and i'm constantly playing a game of trading in models for brushwork that puts me over the tjunc limit (my waterindices reach that 100% mark often) and halts my compiles. i'm looking forward to getting this thing on the orange box, though i've not tested its limits (anyone know if it's more generous when it comes to these things?).

on top of this, i'm suffering a bit on this version because of the download size. on the last version, i could fill a server within minutes. this version, which weighs in at 110mb (without hdr or cc), and is about three times the size of the last version, sees a lot of aborted downloads, and while the insurgency crowd has proven to be a patient one and we have gotten a lot of good games on it, 110 mb is dead in the water by many people's standards.

so...do i continue to make decals and models to busy it up some, and bloat the bsp even more? ...or do i look for a more happy medium? i've gotta figure that out.

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