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i am about to buy "world of goo" ... so who wants my $2.38 ?


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i want to buy world of goo because its fucking awesome !!! and i highly recommend you buy it too.

really i already pirated it and beat because its not available on steam yet in my region (and here i am thinking the internet has no borders ...silly me)

so i went to the 2dboy website because a friend told me you can buy it there via paypal and sure enough there is a big huge "buy-now" button and its labeled 100% region free

:quagmire: (and here i am thinking the internet has borders ...silly me) quickly hit the button, quickly logged in at paypal only to see that my online account has a balance of lousy: $2.38 USD and everything was setup to get funds from my OLD OLD OLD long obsolete "bank of america" account/credit card. i tried to add my german or danish bank account to receive funds from. paypal u.s. of course does not support that (and here i am thinking the internet has no borders again ...silly me)

paypal account names and your email address are one and the same thing so i cant just make a new account in germany or denmark because i only have one email address. if i try and make a new account it will just log me in my American one :comeback:

so i am going to have to close the account and make a new one over here BUT paypal sends leftover funds to you via cheque (ever heard of "wire-transfers" america ? ) at a cost of 1.5$ and it wont be send if the remaining amount is less than 1.5$

so rather than having my money be ROUNDED OFF into the pockets of some criminal hacker who probably has undermined paypals backend system years ago office-space style i want to donate my $2.38 to a good cause !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know childsplay is still a while off and 2dboy only accept payments in the height of 20 dollars ( which they will get) so do you know of any good open source project or anything that really could use my $2.38 ??? it could be YOUR private account ! just make me believe :D

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give it to Brot für die Welt, 2,38$ won't save the day but small things sum up as well. alternative: spend it to hlportal.de - we get 5$ donations per month while our servers cost a fortune and everyone is working for free - so the money there would not go to anyone except to keeping the servers up and running.

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too late i donated it to the guys over at www.ogre3d.org

so i guess we can close this thread now :) unless we want to :have a lengthier discussion about how:

- crummy paypals service is

- why piracy or DRMlessness has just sold 2dboy 2 extra copys (i also talked mazy into getting it) they didnt necessarily would have sold other wise

- why there is increasingly much region restriction on the internet

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on the steam region thing: I'd say you could present your favorite american some money and he could just randomly present you a game via steam but that's all random!

This is the only reason I still use Paypal- because despite there being competitive services Paypal might as well be a monopoly. If someone asked me to gift them a game and I told them to send the money via clickandbuy or something at best they'd roll their eyes and ask someone else and worst publicly accuse me of trying to rip them off.

Paypal's up there with Ubisoft and the American political system for organizations I flat-out hate... emot_shakehead.gif

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