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the outside needs to be much more interesting. That model tree in the second pic really does not seem to fit. The streets look a bit too empty, and the buildings need to have alot more brushwork. The textures are not enough to get the structure across.

I like the textures

The inside looks okay. Again, the brushwork needs to be beefed up, and I'm not sure how well recieved that light fixture in the inside is going to be. Looks way to out of place.

This has definite potential. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more screenshots.

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The textures remind me of the old mapping days four to five years ago. They are pretty bad and don't fit at all. You can't make such areas in HL1. Even if it were HL2, it still wouldn't work. Having just long streets with cubic houses here and there doesn't work.

I advise you to read some tutorials on vertex manipulation and lighting. Studying vertex manipulation will also give you a glimpse of what HL1/HL2 mapping is capable of and give you a better sense of different enviromental shapes and sizes.

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Everything on the pictures looks boxy and like legoland.

You could maybye add some more models like trees and the rain just dont fits with the map style.

Well, the apartments..Its only 2 houses and thats bad because the map looks small anyway.

What you should do is add maybye sewers?

And the environment is so gray. I'd rather removed the sky with the buildings theme and added more interesting another sky texture.

Just one road, it makes it ugly and very open and maybye there the r-speeds turn high.

Keep trying, this looks okay so far.

Sorry for my bad english grammar.

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