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Deus Ex 1 too slow paced, not memorable enough


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I think you might be jumping the gun there, with what he said :P

Your personal opinion even as a lead designer is not always the one you will go with. It's a team effort remember! so all the other game designers should have made their case if they don't agree. With that said, he sure is egging on the fans with comments like that :ninja:

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Excuse me??? Who is he to critize Deus Ex 1? How dare he? Seriously, Kleinluka - why do you hate PC games??? :lol:

The gold star for best, free promotion goes out to Edge magazine today, here is why:

In an interview with Edge magazine, published tomorrow, Dugas says the original Deus Ex was “kind of slow”. He added, “There weren’t enough exciting, memorable moments. It was aimed more towards a simulation rather than a game experience.”


Full interview and exclusive screens in the new issue of Edge, on sale October 23 in the UK, and within a week or so in North America and Continental Europe.

It's the oldest journalist trick ever, you do an interview, take a sentence out of context for usage as an eye catching headline and boost your sales. Add enraged fanboys spreading the word/link to the headline on the web, of course with the note attached that the magazine is going to be released (surprise!) tomorrow.

You have been tooled guys!

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I agree with Erratic as well, I mean, slow paced huh? Maybe... It's an RPG, not GoW like i stated above!

DX3 needs more moments like this! Not another mindless shooter game to add to the pile of shooters on everyone's collection.

But I guess Eidos knows knows that... let all have faith in Eidos...

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Why has Mapcore recently turned into a Gamersyde, Gametrailers or Kotaku comments section. Filled with people misconstruing everything they can, seemingly on purpose, so they can complain and whine about it?

Amen. Stop being so scaringly fanboy-ish guys. First Fallout 3 then Deus Ex... No amount of complaining online about your presumed design choices is going to change anything, so wait for the game to be released, then bitch all you want.

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