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Alan Wake


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I don't wanna be angry for angry's sake, but I'm finding myself more and more underwhelmed with Alan Wake with each year that passes by. A few years ago it was absolutely mind numbingly gorgeous, so gorgeous that I didn't bother asking questions about what it actually was, today it just looks pretty good. Also people are raving about how the gameplay looks really interesting and different, but theres not really been shown anything yet to indicate that there's an actual solid game here, other than its probably gonna be some kind of adventure game'ish thing.

I'm sure its gonna be a great game when its finally released, the guys at Remedy are amazingly talented, but right now they've officially run out of hype for me. They really need to get this thing out before it completely loses its graphical edge.

/hate ;)

Yeah, I must be lucky with the fact before now, I've had very little hype. Mainly because somehow I've managed to miss most of it :P

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What I like about this game is that, like Max Payne, it's more like an interactive movie than a game with a story. (Seemingly*) I don't really know if I can explain the difference any more than that.

*At least, thats what I hope it is.

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The simple fact that Remedy is developing it is enough for many people, including me. :)

It's their first game since the amazing Max Payne series, and the media — whilst clearly avoiding showing much in the way of gameplay — evokes a lot of the powerful atmosphere and storytelling potency that fans of the aforementioned series fell in love with.

It's like Double Fine or or Valve working on a new game: chances are it's going to be something special.

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