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Alan Wake


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Yeah, seems alright. I like the new rocks especially, but everything else is just slightly off when compared to the original. It might just be a little more darker? Other than that, if you look in the last screenshots, there's noticeably less colour richness. I mean, it's good that the only things I can complain about are nitpicks.

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Yeah, sometimes these comparison screenshots can be a hard sell too. Especially with a game with so many atmospherics and fog.

It all seems a little less gloomy, which I'm not sure if I like or not. The bloom on the original made the game feel very dreamy. The remaster is deffo a little sharper, and not as smooth around the light sources. Not a big deal. I'm just happy this is a great excuse to replay such a good classic. 

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      Hello everybody!
      I'm creating a map (based on the Maginot Line) for the Wingman's Contest - provided by Source Engine's Discord.

      I started the map 3 weeks ago and I'm on the detailing phase, slowly progreeding area by area, worried with the time left. I decided to follow this strategy: detail 75% of every area and after that (and gaining some time) I'd put some final touches + polishment + optimization.  

      I wonder, should I keep doing it in a hurry or is it better to make it with no rush and patience (losing the deadline)? There's still a lot to do and I'd like to hear your opinions...
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