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Alan Wake


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Yeah, might replay it one day. I finished it a long time ago and as an overall package it was absolutely superb. It had some issues with variety and pacing, but it built up an excellent foreboding atmosphere that is unlike anything I've experienced in another game.

Maybe replaying it isn't the best idea because it'll remind me of the less great parts, but my memory of the game is really positive. :D A very unique creepfest.

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I had a very similar feeling about it Thrik, but I replayed it when the episodes came out, then again for achievements, and I can tell you it just grew on me, now I feel I want to replay it from time to time, just like Max Payne.

I still have achievements to collect, but I also bought it on humble bundle so I want to play the upgraded version…

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I thought much of the combat was terrible and didn't play well at all.There were some moments where the the game was interesting, especially from a narrative point of view, but overall the gameplay just made it feel like an uninspired game with a graphic novel on top of it. Alan Wake's All American Nightmare was even worse as you just got to replay 3 levels 3 times, which was just obnoxious.


The environments were great though, I really loved the setting. I'm not sure what it is called, but I would love to see more of it in games.

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Sorry for the necro... but I'm kind of pissed at this. I'm pissed at this "digital" era we live at, as much as I love buying games instantly off of steam, It's a shame to see stuff like this happening because of copyrights bs.

Alan Wake won't be available for sale for much longer on any digital retailer, basically... sigh. Also, if you never played this, definitely pick it up before monday.


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That's so infuriating!

never heard of such problems for driving games that are full of licensed music :-|

i Hope is not a problem to download in the future…?

I was planning on replaying all of Alan Wake on PC to enjoy the upgraded graphics and to get my fix (it's been a while I wanted to go through it again).

I also have the Collector's for Xbox, but I wouldn't be able to download the DLCs ATM.


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