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[TF2] pl_hoodoo


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I've been hard at work since goldrush was released and a few months back I finished pl_hoodoo up to a _b1 release, now its gone through a further two versions and now sits at _b3.

The map has three stages much like goldrush but each stage only has two capture points, unlike goldrush. Pretty early on I decided I wanted to have a different cart to the standard goldrush one, so I contacted a modeler I know and he made me a fantastic cart model. It looks like this -


I've managed to fix a fair few issues from _b1 and _b2, continueing to improve detailing and balance so that hopefully it plays much better than previous version, here is a sample of what you can expect to see:



You can download it here - http://forums.tf2maps.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=526

Or here - http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/62351


If you've played it, and think its worthy of a valve update, why not vote for it over here - http://www.yinyarr.com/Community_Map_Vote.aspx

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OK guys, finally final! I've spend a huge amount of time on this and I'm really glad to be able to stop tinkering and say it’s done.

Some stats about the map:

Time taken from start to finish: 9 months

Hours clocked up: 1000+

Versions released: 11 (with three additional private showcases of each stage partway through development)

Filesize: 95.6MB

Bz2 filesize: 39.2MB

Brushes: 7595

Custom files: 115

Unique textures: 130

Final compile time: 1h 1m ~30s

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped along the way, all those who've provided feedback, answered questions, run it on their servers, asked questions, made content for me, and a special thanks to Valve for making this awesome game in the first place.

So without further ado, the download links -



Enjoy it!

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i just had the pleasure of playing this map online with 10 people its good stuff

+layout is rock solid and despite the many routes quick and intuitive to learn

+its long :D i love long payload maps it would be nice though if all the checkpoints were completely seam less without spawn count down inbetween.

+it looks good i could not distinguish it form official maps i wished though that the colors where a bit more "saturated and brighter" that would be an easy fix with upping 2 values in ambient and sunlight

- in the second stage the first ramp you push the cart up people don't fit between the cart and the wall on the left since i hide a lot behind the cart i found this really annoying.

- also at the beginning of the second stage the red team can run into the room with the automatic gates D:

i actually took screenshots of those 2 issues but i am too lazy to upload :)

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