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TF2 push for a community map release


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Hi guys!

Given that there will not be another class update until next year a buddy of mine has started a thread asking Valve if we could have one more community map release this year. As the maps are mostly done and the resources required to do such an update are a fraction of a full class update, it's very likely they might hear our plea. He'll later compile the data and send them an e-mail on behalf of the whole community.

Could I ask you a little favor?

If you judge my map ctf_aerospace worth it, could you drop by the vote page and vote for it?

There are also other mapcore mappers on the list, and you can vote for 3 maps.

Here's the vote page link: Community Map Vote

And here's the thread discussion: Community Map push

Thanks a lot!

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map needs playtesting..

Well playtesting 2 or 3 already playtested by the comunnity maps require a lot less resources than teh creation of concepts, models, textures, programming, implementation, balancing and playtesting a new class update. To add to your list an update will also require the people at marketing and PR, not to mention the updates to the Blog, to be put to motion as well.

Still, it would be great if our push for a community map release had an effect. And the 5 maps leading the voting there are all top notch, I hope that Valve answers our plea.

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I think this is a great idea and I wouldn't be suprised if it happens, though I find the maps in the vote questionable. I haven't played aerospace and a few others, but I've played alot of thsoe, and though some are good most are terrible in the sense that they could've been so good without some serious flaws which make their gameplay excruciating, for example labor and quarry.

There are also some better maps out there than those listed, though names escape my very tired mental state.

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Oh I forgot that they didnt include them. Shows how much I paid attention to DoDS. So if they won't do it for one game, I see it as highly unlikely you can do it for another, most you could probably get is similar advertising.

Also what do you mean TF2 custom maps are valve property? Some obscure clause in the EULA?

No, valve just released some custom maps, like steel or fastlane. And as they might have to update those maps someday they have to have the rights on these, otherwise any further customization would be against the owner's copyright.

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