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Bioshock 2!


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Hmmm yeah, definitely more of the same. The big with the windows that break was pretty cool [/spoiler rofl!], but as for the gameplay stuff then it does look kinda dull.

I always felt that Bioshock's greatest strength was the atmosphere, the mystery and sort of unexplored nature of Rapture, not its actual gameplay. And although I'm sure they'll be doing all kinds of new locations and stuff to spice it up then I really doubt that they can capture that feeling of mystery again.

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I'm a bit disappointed, it looks a bit too Bioshock 1.5 to me: same UI, same plasmid system, etc.

However visuals are still a blast, and that underwater scene is really gorgeous. The fights seem to be faster than Bioshock ones too.

I'll definitely give it a try. :-D

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It does seem startlingly familiar. But then, maybe they're doing a Metal Gear Solid on us and there'll actually be wildly different areas later on. :)

Or maybe they'll just bleed Rapture until it's completely dry, with each of the four planned sequels simply being in a different area. :|

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