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[REL] dod_rive_rc3


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Finally, 18 months after I originally started on this map, it's time to release it.... You may have known this map as a gloomy, foggy village, yet the only way to finally deliver on the gameplay I set out to create was to revamp the map entirely.

Map contains 32 spawnpoints, a minimap, HDR and was compiled with final settings. I'm constantly running in between 95 and 220 FPS throughout the map, on a ncore2 duo and 8800 GTS.

----------====== [ dod_rive ] ======----------

Mission Brief

This is early September 1944. The Allied offensive just crushed the Axis in Paris.

The Germans are short on resources and desperately trying to retreat and regroup.

A small faction of Wehrmacht soldiers are trying to hold

Rive down to slow the Allied advance...

U.S. Army: Eradicate the Germans from the town and march on to Germany!

Wehrmacht: Hold off the Allied advance at all costs!



Level Design: Francois "Furyo" Roughol

Additional models and textures: Pedroleum

Many thanks to:


Friends at Valve



and all the beta testers on this map.

Have fun !

Download links (mirrors welcome):

Dodfrance: http://www.dodfrance.com/telechargements/103/dodriverc3.html

ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/games/day-of-defeat-source/addons/rive-rc3

Screenshots thanks to dodfrance.com (click on them for larger size)







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":3uhvt2lq]Awesome dude! Love the sand texture, It's a HL2 stock tex?

yep, I think it was originally made for below-water sand, but it looks nice in this scene too :)

Looks like you put a lot of hard work in this Furyo, but it payed of! looks like a nice and detailed map!

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The skybox was Pedroleum's work, I'm not a texture artist yet :) Well, considering Pedro isn't either there goes my point.... Pedro used ref pics that he blended together in Photoshop, so this is a purely fictional place :)

Pedroleum is known in the DoDS source community for his models and skyboxes mostly but maps from time to time too.

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