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Deus Ex 3


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey, that was a cool trailer.

Yeah, every trailer they are releasing is epic, but most of the epicness is the music, McCann is in da SHAPE !

i just hope the game is going to be at least half that good as the first DEUS EX

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I'm actually really liking a lot of what I'm hearing due to the leak. By the sounds of it just about every Deus Ex-y detail or reference or callback you could want is in the game, for example, getting in trouble for going in the wrong bathroom. I watched a guy play last night on a stream and he died to the same turret like four times in a row because it had a flashbang trap in front of it (as far as I could tell anyway, it wasn't visible but he kept getting flashbanged when he went near it. Maybe that's a special turret feature, not a separate trap). It was hilarious. Eventually after everyone in the comments kept yelling at him, he discovered a vent nearby to bypass the thing. Also the levels don't look that unbelievably futuristic that people were worried about. I only watched that first level after Jensen gets his augs before turning off the stream to avoid spoilers, but that level looked perfectly realistic and normal, except for the desks with fake arms and shit on them, and the outfits the swat guys wore. They've done a much better job making the game look realistically futuristic than a lot of people (with aspergers and poor abilities for suppressing disbelief) were expecting.

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Eidos Montreal has taken a very liberal stance on the leak, even allowing people to talk about it on their forums (although restricting screenshots and videos), and encouraging links to non-game press reviews and stuff like that. There's been a lot of info posted, and it's pretty much 100% positive. I really want to know how the leak's effected preorders now, because just about every Deus Ex fan I know (except one Deus ex modding forum I'm on full of grognards who hate DXHR for anachronisms like "Jensen wears sleeves!" or "UNACTO shouldn't have been formed back then!") is head over heels about the game and a lot of them have preordered since the leak due to doubts being eased by it.

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