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OpenArena needs skinners

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long story short, some guy gave me 30mb of stolen textures in the last release (0.8.0). This pissed me off a month after release so I had to take down the latest release. This made me totally demotivated and mad.

I need something to make up for it like good player skins. OR MAPS LOL

I don't know why I never posted about this game here before but anyway this is the zip of objs of models to


Download the SDKs zip

oh i'm an a hole trying to mooch off my enemies for free. There's probably no interest because 1. it's not Source 2. it's not Source 3. It doesn't involve bullet assault/sniper rifles 4. the license (GPL v2) scares the stingy ones. bah.

trying my luck for one last time for the sake of years worth of free labor.

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