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lol sweet :)

really cool idea, but you know I don't think this will become mainstream, even in 15 years or so. Kind of like 3d IMAX cinema :P Gimmiks rather than substance. Could be wrong though.

well on the user's end its much easier to implement than an imax theatre. a wii bar and 2 leds is pretty easy to install to get it to work on the user's end. im not sure about how difficult it would be to implement in a game but if all it really is is a change of perspective i doubt it would be too hard or change performance at all

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I'm also wondering if it would increase forms of "motion" sickness allot of gamers have. If so the idea is doomed already :| Who knows it might actually prevent it, i'm no scientist.

Gaming is about relaxing and having fun as much as it is an interaction, we spend so much time trying to make things more realistic when most of the time gamers want to escape reality. I think the Wii hit the nail on the head when it comes to interaction between user and game. This tech takes it a major step forward and I don't think people are ready for it (yet) Also the limitations of a single perspective must definately hinder multiplayer mechanics, which the Wii is so popular for :)

Just to add, I have dreams of playing awesome virtual reality games in the future so I'm not against interesting tech like this, just I see it as a progression towards that end. Startrek's Holodeck anyone?

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