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Yet another DRM love thread!


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I knew it... i fucking knew it!

Here I was, all happy that finally my copy of Crysis Warhead just arrived by mail, although I knew this piece of shit had the same DRM protection as Spore, so I installed it, and when I was going to play......



I'm typing this fucking message from the same computer that message just poped in. Yes I turned of all firewalls, yes I gave permitions to the .exe, yes I am running on admin, yes, yes yes!

Went to a warez website, downloaded a crack, applied it and, what a surprise, it works perfectly!! :oops:

Now, is this shit really needed?! I paid for this game, was it really need for me to hack this fucking thing to be able to play it?! I am seriously getting tired of this piece of shit copy proctections that don't do SHIT about piracy, they only bother the people that actually bought the game!

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