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Not really Gaming Discussion but I don't think it's off-topic either.

I'm using Vista and I was frustrated with the terrible things Windows Photo Gallery does to colours. A google search proves this is a common problem but there's no solution I know of.

I just tried out this lean image viewer http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/ and I'm really impressed with the dramatic difference it made.

Not only the colour but the image downscaling absolutely shits all over Windows Photo Gallery. This is an awesome free program for quickly browsing images.

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You can actually fix the colour issue by typing 'color' into your vista start menu, going to Colour Mangement, and I think you have to either remove or add a colour profile — one of those. Still, it isn't a particularly good viewer; doesn't even load particularly fast on my machine.

I just use Photoshop for any kind of editing, though. CS3 only takes seven seconds to load from a cold boot on my machine. :-D

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