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Forum restructure


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I didn't forget — that was phpBB being its classic flaky self. I had to recalculate the forum information after shuffling stuff around, and in the process phpBB helpfully added all the posts in EoT to users' post counts. It seems the 'don't increment post count' setting only kicks in at the point of being posted.

I'll look into if there's a way this can be undone, but this is a bit of terrible coding I might not be able to work around automatically. :fist::mad:

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I love it! The many forums were pretty much _the_ reason for me not viewing them all too often. So thanks Thrik, seems very well-structured now:)

This title:

Work Release & Spotlight Nomination
could easily have the spotlight part omitted though. Just calling it "Releases" would be fine imo:)
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