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DM-Grand-Diablo_Beta3 Mega Update !!!! image heavy


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Name: Dm-Grand-Diablo

Version: beta3

Compatibility: DeathMatch,TeamDeathMatch,Duel

Description: i am not good with story so if somebody wants to fill in fantasy stuff be my guest :)

Comments: the map is based on the phenomenal concept art by marc simoneti ( http://www.blizzard.com/us/inblizz/contests/artcontest2006/images/granddiablo.jpg ) that won him the the blizzard art contest i tried to contact him and ask for permission to do a 3d interpretation of his painting but i couldn't get a hold of him which is kind of worrying considering that he does freelance work and getting a hold of him needs to be REALLY REALLY easy. i hope he or one of his mates will see this and tell him to get in touch with me ^^ what else can i say ... its a 100% custom map. for the first time ever i want to do an extended beta release phase for my custom maps before i release a final and get as much user input into the map as possible and i am talking specifically game play here ... i have to admit i have never really understood what makes unreal maps tick it always seamed like witchcraft to me counter strike or dod i could dissect the gameplay into microscopic detail but with unreal i have always been lost so i really really need your guys input here on all the weapon /pickup placement trick jumps ... EVERYTHING need a new entrance here ? need access to that roof there ? anything still goes bombard me with game play wishes ... please ... go nuts ! also of course any kind of bug and graphics artifact you find please post a screenshot as well =) thanks in advance




















whats new:

... too much for me to remember ...


map models and textures by Soenke C. "Warby" Seidel

conceptart by marc simoneti

raw photos and cathedral exterior base geometry by thomas "hessi" hess

mental crisis support by hourences

Homepage: http://www.warby.de



yes this is a shameless thread copy paste from the epic forum :D

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i do like the lighting (although it's a bit too red in places) but what really bugs me is the dome of cologne in there - it looks fantastic as a model on the one hand but on the other hand it's not fitting the style imho. Ofcourse this might be a time and work related thing but I'd say a completely different church would help this map alot.

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i am completely trusting you guys in lighting taste matters any specific suggestions (paint overs) ? bare in mind though that this is unreal engine and not source there is no radiosity what so ever this is basically just prebaked tnl + artifacts also i purposefully choose to go with all vertex lighting rather than light maps because unreal engine has the habit of storing 4 or 5 different 1024x 1024 for one ligthmap which makes the memory use skyrocket and i want to keep this map under 100 mb.

so all lighting changes need to be doable with tnl vertex colors and additiv decals

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I've always found lighting in unreal ed rather enjoyable. To me it's like highlighting everything with lots of little lights. I'm talking about all of t he screens, personally. I don't know about the others. The trouble I have looking at the light is it seems like you've placed one directional / skylight / whatever set it's values and that's it. What I think it could use is more highlights. For example down in the street bits where it's darker it would be cool to have some lamps and stuff to give some contrast there. The inside of the buildings is so red it actually hurts my eyes. And I expect having to actually try and play in that will be quite frustrating. I think what would help, too, is if you enabled some of the post processing effects. In all it's just really degrading the awesome look of the architecture. Once you get this fixed it'll look great.

And are you taking these screenshots in max detail as it looks pretty low res to my eyes. Maybe that would help if it was higher.

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Nice job! I think the lighting falls down on the last 3 shots and I agree with Dux that the red is too over powered. I'd like to see more of an ambient environment. In your 3rd last screenshot, there's a central light placed there, causing the pillar shadows to beam outwards - but the candles aren't adding to any of that at all (shadows or light source).

In regards to Marc Simoneti - there's a linkedin profile hereand some facebook results come up if you search for him (the one located in France could be him?)

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I already told you that :), but like for most of your works, i'm still amazed on how you can do such an amount of great models & textures. And I actually like the lighting you did in the narrow streets, the shadows coming from the big "sun" direct light are doing a great job, same thing for the blue lights adding a contrast.

The problem i think is that the direct light you used is too strong and flatten all the contrasts of the map, and it also have the same color than the flames.. An idea might be to give the direct light an orange-red color, and for the flames a more orange-yellow color.

Think of idea representation with colors. What's makes something "hellish" for most people ?


Orange-red, orange-yellow, and also a lot of Black. With the idea of dead/cold fire in head

Anyway : How it looks like ... how it should looks like


Haha sorry warby <3

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