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Firefox not working right


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List your add-ons if you have any (Tools > Add-Ons). Also go to Tools > Options > Content and make sure the appropriate boxes are ticked; while you're there, go into the image Exceptions area and ensure there's nothing there.

It also looks like you're still using Firefox 2, which was made obsolete with the release of Firefox 3 a few months ago. Most definitely get that now. Reinstalling Firefox 2 could obviously help too, but if you're going to do that you might as well get the significantly better Firefox 3.

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GG Deads and GL in the future. I had a lot of probs with FF3 before. When i got my new comp and a real windows it all went smoth. Now i am running FF3 and its all ok. Got a few inframe popups but i know what that is and i deal it with when i got the stamina for it. It's not like a virus or will destroy anything, only annoying to see them there.

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